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The Venel Institute sets a new standard for anatomical research and medical training by meeting all the requirements of medical professionals—not just providing an excellent research facility.

The Venel Institute offers surgeons continuing their medical education an experience that fits comfortably into the demanding routines of daily practice.

An Ideal East Coast Location
The experience starts with an ideal East Coast location that offers convenient air travel from major metropolitan areas nationwide. Same-day travel to and from Venel is often possible, resulting in less time away from hospitals and practices.

A Relaxed, Comfortable Atmosphere
Upon arrival at Venel, attendees appreciate the relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, with a naturally-lit dining room for catered meals, and locker rooms for changing into and out of scrubs.

A Modern, Flexible Lab With World-Class Optics
Sessions are held in our state-of-the-art anatomical lab, which can be configured to support multiple sessions simultaneously and features precision optics and audio by Olympus, the world leader in medical optics. An adjacent auditorium seats 50 in comfortable, stadium seating with crystal-clear session viewing on the big screen.

Every Detail Accommodated for a Seamless, Productive Training Experience
All requirements for every training session can be accommodated and arranged by Venel—from procurement and delivery of materials and equipment to printed materials and catered meals. Future plans include live streaming of sessions over the Internet. Every detail is accounted for to make your educational session as seamless, comfortable, and productive as possible.


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