The Facility: Wet Lab

The expansive surgical training wet lab is the most impressive and accommodating feature of the Venel Institute. A total of 3,000 square feet—which encompasses each of the 16 bioskills lab stations—is capable of being divided into three individual training rooms.

When divided, two of the rooms offer 4 wet lab stations each, and a third room accommodates 8 wet lab stations. Guest companies are encouraged to utilize the entire wet lab and or divide into smaller lab rooms as their needs dictate.

Whether the wet lab is used in whole or divided, each lab station is refined with high power field lighting; large, wall-mounted 50” TVs; custom-made, multi‐position, motorized, fully radiolucent OR tables and instrumentation tables.

Generous spacing between the stations enables comfortable utilization of on‐site C‐arms, three in one, endoscopic, arthroscopic and laparoscopic towers and other surgical equipment.


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